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Welcome to our locksmith homepage. We appreciate you offering us the opportunity to tell you about our services. We realize that you know this is an advertisement for our company but we have included additional information for do-it-yourself ‘ers to make this an instructional website also. We have included some reference material on different types of locks and will continue to update both this and our educational do-it-yourself section. We hope to include some videos also so please stop by often or join our mailing list and we will notify you when additional information is published.

Since 1997 we have been serving the community offering residential, commercial and automotive services. Along the way, we have made so many friends and business associates. By treating our customer’s right our locksmith business has continued to grow by leaps and bounds even in this troubled economy. We’ve always tried to put the customer first and by doing this we have gained many referrals.

Areas we serve are West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Greenacres, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Coral Springs Pompano Beach


Locksmith Time Line

2000 bc Locks have been around since almost the beginning of recorded records. The oldest recorded lock is estimated to be 4000 years old. This lock is found in Egypt is what is now considered a pin tumbler lock. Pin tumbler lock is what most locks are in today. The kwikset lock you have on your front door is a pin tumbler lock.

1857 James Sargent invented the first lock that you can change the combination on, or rekey, in 1857. He also invented the time lock that keeps bank vault locks on a timer.


1916 Samuel Siegel, a New York policeman invented the first Jimmy prove lock.



1921 Harry Sorefall started the master lock company to make padlocks.



1997 Our Company Started

Just a little history on locks for your reading pleasure.

According to Wikipedia, “locksmithing began as the science and art of making and defeating locks”.

Of course, making keys for locks, making lost car keys and rekeying locks is a big part of our business, our locksmith business is involved in the installation of better quality locks and the design of keying systems. We also offer the specialty of automotive transponder keys and high-security keys. We are also able to do many motorcycle keys.

In our society, unfortunately every exterior door must have a lock on it. They say that locks only keep honest people. In some cases this is true, but if a high quality lock is put on correctly it will keep an undesirable person or thief out also. An improperly installed lock will give the owner a false sense of security. When a lock is installed incorrectly many times we are able to open it with a credit card. Not even a butter knife is needed.

In choosing a locksmith it’s important that you have a knowledgeable, trained, professional person provide the services you desire. Since 1997 we have been called to countless lockouts only to find that although the front door was locked, when we walked around back the lock had been installed incorrectly and we opened it with a plastic card in a few seconds. The person that called himself a locksmith who installed that lock was an untrained unprofessional individual masquerading as a locksmith. Whether it’s us or another company, find someone who’s been in business for a while and hopefully your chances of having a lock installed correctly will increase.

Our company, having been in business since 1997 has installed 95% of the locks available to you now. It’s very rare that were ever called to work on any lock that would be new to us. By now we’ve seen it all.

There was the right way to do things and the easy way. We are always conscious of the fact that we can be liable if we are negligent in our locksmithing duties. That’s why we are all bonded offering you an insurance policy against our negligence. Unbelievably as it may seem, we have been called out to rekey locks that had only one or two of the five pins used in most locks today. Most pin tumbler locks have five spaces for pins to go. You see this when you look at your key, that there are 5 cuts on it. If the locksmith only puts two of the five pins in it, it will still work with your key. It might work with your new key and not your old key. However, it will work with maybe 20% of the keys that will fit in it. Which means two out of every 10 people you know. How secure is that? Did you save a lot of money without locksmith? You didn’t get what you paid for. Our company always pins all possible spaces. We will advise you if upgradeable pins are available to increase your security.

Most hardware we come across is repairable. A real locksmith will repair a lock if possible rather than replace with a new set. In the past locksmiths made their living by repairing locks. Nowadays many locksmiths increase their revenue by just taking a look at your lock and saying” its lady, you need a new one”. You don’t hear that from us. Most locks we come upon, of any quality, can be repaired. Every lock that we carry is meant to be serviceable. Don’t get ripped off by a quick scam artist who sells you thousands of dollars of hardware you don’t really need.

Our company offers you 24-hour a day service. We understand that emergencies happen around-the-clock. If necessary we can be to you within approximately 20 min. or we will advise you the arrival time in advance.

Our professional locksmith technicians are trained in the different methods of entry for residential, commercial and automobile emergencies. We specialize in doing this without destruction or harm. We don’t use a drill instead of a lock pick. We are specialists in picking and bumping locks to open them without damage or destruction. Keep our phone number handy, in advance for all of your locksmith needs.

We are experts in replacing lost car keys and motorcycle keys. Our locksmiths are trained in” car college” to learn the skills of today’s automobile car keys. We have on our trucks the equipment to make transponder, vats and high-security keys. We have the programmers onboard to be able to program the new keys to your car’s computer. We continue to invest in the technology to keep up with today’s automobiles. Many car dealers call us to replace lost car keys on their lots. Don’t let an inexperienced individual touch your valuable asset.

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