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1 Episode (2009), Jeremy Ray Valdez Capt. 1 Episode (2007), Heath Freeman Scroll through the gallery to see more of our favorite Roseanne guest stars! Although he appeared in... Brianna Lynn Brown (born October 2, 1979) is an American actress and producer. 1 Episode (2009), Xander Berkeley 1 Episode (2007), Carlos Sanz Miguel Garza Trisha Masters 1 Episode (2007), Drew Rausch 1 Episode (2008), Zilah Mendoza 1 Episode (2006), Rick Kellard Nakamura is known for her many guest... Thomas William Selleck (born January 29, 1945) is an American actor, film producer, and... Corey Reynolds is an American musical theatre, television, and film actor known for... Seth Gabel (born October 3, 1981) is an American actor. A strong, quirky woman leads an elite Los Angeles crime unit that tackles high-profile cases. Coroner, Coroner's Assistant, Coroner's Investigator, Chief of Police Tommy Delk, Chief Tommy Delk, Resources for understanding systemic racism and inequality, From Barry Jenkins's Moonlight to Beyoncé's Homecoming, Things are going to get weird, and that's not a bad thing. This list is made up of different items, including Ed Asner and Bernadette Peters. Major Crimes. 1 Episode (2008), Patricia Rae He later had a cameo on an episode of the Big Bang spin-off, Young Sheldon. 2 Episodes (2009-2009), Dominick Dunne Himself 17 Episodes (2006-2012), Barry Corbin Det. Andrews 1 Episode (2007), Rob Brownstein Charlie 4 Episodes (2009-2009), Billy Burke or "Who starred on The Closer?" Chief Brenda Johnson Estelle Pope 4 Episodes (2005-2006), Jim Leonard Mrs. Richards Ranski Billy Croelick Ryan Hughes 111 Episodes (2005-2012), Michael M. Robin Coroner, Coroner's Assistant, Coroner's Investigator Patty Simmons Tourist 1 Episode (2009), Debra Monk Ransford Doherty Coroner's Investigator Kendall 3. Lindsay Brenda discovers that she and the PHD must work quickly when the leading witness in the case is … 2 Episodes (2009-2009), Lillian Lehman 3 Episodes (2011-2012), Gloria Muzio 2 Episodes (2007-2009), Steven Culp 1 Episode (2005), Michael McGrady Verified Purchase. 1 Episode (2011), Lee Tergesen Kathy Reichter Travis Myers Chad Mark Yates 1 Episode (2011), Cynthia Watros Rosalie Romero 1 Episode (2009), Lisa Arturo 1 Episode (2009), Currie Graham 1 Episode (2009), Paul McCrane Jason Hetber 5 Episodes (2008-2009), Sosie Bacon 10 Episodes (2007-2011), Adam Belanoff The Closer cast list, including photos of the actors when available. 15 Episodes (2007-2009), Stephen Martines 1 Episode (2007), Kevin Sheridan 2 Episodes (2005-2010), Matt Earl Beesley 1 Episode (2007), David Kelsey Working with the CIA, who also wants their hands on this suspect, Brenda realizes that she was given false information, and wonders if she's been set up.To prevent herself and the PHD from falling prey to a sinister plan, Rated: TV-14-LVSpecial Episode. Brenda is especially put out, since her parents (recurring guest stars FRANCES STERNHAGEN and BARRY CORBIN) are in town, and they have a very special announcement. Miguel Torres Victor Rivera As the show's title star, her decision to stop playing The Closer after seven years could have meant that Duff, her co-stars and the show's crew would have had to find other work. Buzz Watson 7 Episodes (2009-2012), Kevin Bacon Kelvin Blake The Closer is an American television police procedural starring Kyra Sedgwick as Brenda Leigh Johnson, a Los Angeles Police Department deputy chief.Originally a CIA-trained detective from Atlanta, Georgia, Brenda has a reputation as a closer—an interrogator who not only solves a case, but also obtains confessions that lead to convictions, thus "closing" the case. Tom Merrick Jake Clarkson Herself 1 Episode (2009), Larry Clark The Closer Season show reviews & Metacritic score: As the squad is busy looking into a suicide they also get into the middle of the dispute between a dying husband and his wife who is … Det. Lt. Det. Ren-Di Chen 2 Episodes (2006-2011), Hunt Baldwin 1 Episode (2008), Peter Siragusa 1 Episode (2009), Jason Grutter 1 Episode (2009), Jeffrey Markle Roy Meanwhile, Brenda's lawyer informs her that his retainer has run out and she needs to pay him $25,000. Shirley Adams 1 Episode (2005), Jose Pablo Cantillo The Closer Season 2 Episode 13: Overkill Summary: Brenda and Fritz have a hard time agreeing who is in charge when an informant's wife and and FBI agent are both murdered. 1 Episode (2010), George Kee Cheung Agent Jerry Moore 2 Episodes (2007-2007), Kathe Mazur Dr. Dioli, Dr. Rebecca Dioli 1 Episode (2007), Sandra Nelson Sign up for the Start TV newsletter and stay updated. 1 Episode (2009), Allison Smith 1 Episode (2008), David Barrera Police Chief Will Pope This cast list of actors from The Closer focuses primarily on the main characters, but there may be a few actors who played smaller roles on The Closer that are on here as well. Benjamin Masters 1 Episode (2005), Nicole Kassell Kim Reynolds Asst. Michelle Morgan Spider Kyra Sedgwick, who plays deputy chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, will leave the hit show, and the main character, behind. 1 Episode (2007), Loretta Sanchez 99 Episodes (2005-2012), Tony Denison Arnold Taft 1 Episode (2008), Steve Braun 1 Episode (2007), James Avery 2 Episodes (2007-2011), Adam Belanoff 1 Episode (2007), Edith Fields 1 Episode (2005), Charlie Haid 1 Episode (2008), Mark Moses 1 Episode (2009), Lex Medlin Vago On the July 13 episode of The Closer, Pope hops aboard the team.. 2 Episodes (2007-2007), Mark Rolston Slad Eric Dean Wallace Todd West 1 Episode (2009), John Prosky Watch a sneak peek of THE CLOSER Season 5 Episode 7 "Strike Three" airing Monday, July 20 at 9/8c on TNT. 15 Episodes (2007-2012), Jonathan Del Arco Curtis Armstrong Peter Goldman Guest Stars *Michael Grant Terry Chris Wycoff 1. Joe Olin 2 Episodes (2008-2009), Sarah Brown 1 Episode (2009), Brianna Brown Congresswoman Jane Simmons 77 Episodes (2007-2012), Mary McDonnell Det. 2 Episodes (2007-2007), Bob Clendenin Roger Stimple 1 Episode (2007), Richard Roundtree Taylor 4 Episodes (2008-2011), David McWhirter 1 Episode (2007), Michael Rady Nicholas Carey Robin Milano 111 Episodes (2005-2012), Greer Shephard 1 Episode (2009), Jamie Anne Allman 2 Episodes (2010-2011), Jennifer Aspen these guest stars who appeared on Major Crimes? Frances Sternhagen Willie Ray Johnson 17 Episodes (2006-2012) 1 Episode (2010), Scottie Thompson 1 Episode (2007), Jennifer Coolidge Ken Scott Hal Landon Jr. Terry Weaver 5. The Closer: The Complete Seventh and Final Season DVD Bonus ... Savannah Paige Rae, Dax Shepard, Peter Krause and Sam Jaeger. 1 Episode (2011), Deirdre O'Connell 1 Episode (2009), Michelle C. Bonilla Mary Summers Ever since The Closer segued into the Mary McDonnell-led Major Crimes in the summer of 2012, “I had a deal with Kyra for three guest-starring episodes. Theresa Monroe Change Time Zone. 1 Episode (2009), Cameron Goodman Valerie Henry Greg Pierson Bailey, Tony Denison, Michael Paul Chan, Phillip P. Keene Frank 1 Episode (2008), Jamie McShane Peter Breitmayer Pastor Cliff Wycoff 2. Lt. Provenza Jessalyn Wanlim Sindy Showers 3. 1 Episode (2010), Curtis Armstrong Kim Reichter Can you tell if these women are in a catalog in 1970, 1980 or 1990? Dean Murphy 1 Episode (2008), Mark Pellegrino Hendrix Mr. Delaney Gail 1 Episode (2007), David Purdham The Closer: Kyra Sedgwick, J.K. Simmons, Corey Reynolds, Robert Gossett, G.W. Directed by Michael M. Robin. 1 Episode (2005), Craig Zisk 1 Episode (2008), David Hewlett 2 Episodes (2007-2007), Amy Sedaris 1 Episode (2009), Paityn James Jake Burrell 1 Episode (2008), Lauren Bowles Susan Monroe Dep. 1 Episode (2009), Molly Hagan Dep. Mr. Evans Mrs. Sara Dobson Lucy Santacruz 1 Episode (2009), Todd Cahoon 1 Episode (2008), Lee Reherman James Clark A Christmas village Santa is killed in a zip-line accident, and the village's other Santa comes under suspicion. 5 Episodes (2006-2010), Scott Ellis 111 Episodes (2005-2012), Josh Klein Tow Truck Driver 2 Episodes (2009-2010), Michael Alaimo Dr. Donna Taft 111 Episodes (2005-2012), Michael Paul Chan 1 Episode (2008), Michelle Duffy With Kyra Sedgwick, J.K. Simmons, Corey Reynolds, Robert Gossett. FBI Agent Blackburn Eleanor Kretchner 16 Episodes (2006-2012), Leo Geter 4 Episodes (2009-2012), Leo Geter Justin Darcy 111 Episodes (2005-2012), James Duff 99 Episodes (2005-2012), Raymond Cruz 14 Episodes (2005-2011), Mike Berchem Dean © 2021 TV GUIDE, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. 1 Episode (2009), Jason George Adam Summers Beth Gibson Fernando Soto 1 Episode (2009), Norma Maldonado 1 Episode (2009), Barrett Foa Clay Johnson 1 Episode (2009), Kyle Gallner 1 Episode (2008), Izzy Diaz Judge Tiano Andrea Hobbs Erica Carr 1 Episode (2005), Richard Tyson Chief of Police Tommy Delk, Chief Tommy Delk Full Schedule . 1 Episode (2007), Wendy Phillips
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