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DIY secure Patio/Sliding Glass Door

How to secure your patio or sliding glass door from break in

How to secure your patio or sliding glass door from Break in. This is how you could make your sliding glass door more secure, our locksmiths shows you how Most homes and apartments now have a sliding glass door also know as a patio door. They do let in more light and make your house more attractive. This very attractiveness also appeals to a lot of burglars and thieves locksmiths say . At our locksmith shop many people are concerned about bump keys, secure deadbolts, secure doorknobs, pick resistant pins, but most burglaries actually occur through the window or sliding door.  A big advantage to the sliding doors to the thief is there usually located in the back of the building or home, within a screened in porch or enclosure. Thieves know that once they get into the screened in porches or enclosures and neighbors can’t see them in there for you to take their time to gain entry into your home. Listen to us when we telll you,when the weather’s warm like it is constantly in South Florida people tend to leave the sliding doors open and sometimes forget to close them when they go out. Gee, let’s just leave the door open for the gardener to come in and help himself to a drink or whatever he wants.

At our locksmith business we are often called upon to secure these sliding doors were sliders as we call them. So many times the older hardware on the stores begins to fail because most of it is made out of pot metal. If you take a closer look at the way the lock works on these sliders you will see that it’s dependent upon a small receiver that mounts with two screws on the edge of the opening. Our locksmith business is called upon quite often to repair the stores and that is the source of the problem. That small piece of metal breaks and the door will no longer lock. You can buy a new lock at Home Depot or wherever and get that small piece of metal and repair this lock yourself. However that small piece of metal does not keep out of the thieves or burglar. It’s much easier for the thief to pry open that door order lifted off the track that it is to break the glass or pick a lock or drill a lock or bump a lot. In the rest of this article I’m going to show you how to secure that door so you don’t have to depend on that little piece of metal.

There’s one more thing I would like to say about these sliding door locks. If you happen to have one with a key on the outside I would replace it with one without a key, as these are ridiculously easy to pick. If you don’t want to replace it, you may want to put some superglue in that lock to prevent anyone from picking it.  Of course if you’re following my steps you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

At our locksmith company we are often called upon to get into a locked house. There’s two ways that we generally open these doors. These are the two weak spots that these doors have. They have a horizontal movement and a vertical movement. Were going to show you how to prevent both of these movements…

The easiest one is to prevent the horizontal movement. To prevent the horizontal opening of the door we just have to block the track that slides on.  To do this we have to first have the door closed completely. We then measure the distance in the track from the door itself to the other edge of the opening. We then have to block this with some type of material. If you don’t have a lot of money and an extra broom, you can just cut that room to size with 20 or kitchen knives and you’re all set. For those of you with a few dollars you may want to measure it and go to your local home improvement store to pick up a piece of wood cut to size. I know it Home Depot if I get a piece of wood they’ll cut it for me a few times for no charge. It doesn’t have to be a 2 x 4, a 1 x 1 works just as well. This should be a snug fit but loose enough that you can lift it out when you wish to open the door. This will secure the door from sliding open should someone choose to pry the hinge. At our locksmith shop when we go around to a back door to try and gain entrance that way soon as we see that piece of wood we just move on to something else. I imagine the thief would do the same. However one of our locksmiths has successfully lifted the door out by using the vertical method of entry described next.

How to secure your patio or sliding glass door from Break in

Lifting the door out is a little more difficult but works enough that we sometimes tried. It seems when they install the doors they left enough room to lift the door up and take the bottom out of the track. This doesn’t work on all doors but you could be one of the unlucky ones that it does work. To stop this all we have to do is prevent the door from being able to be lifted. If you feel that you can lift your door were going to show you how to stop this. The simplest way for us to stop this is to just put in some self tapping metal screws in the top of the track. The screws we put in with electric drill without having to drill a pilot hole. If you don’t want to use the self tapping screws your have to drill a pilot hole first and then put a screw when just leaving it extend enough so that the door cannot be moved up. They will just be high enough, which is screwed in enough so that the door slides back and forth but cannot be lifted.

After you’ve done both of these, that is preventing the vertical and horizontal movement, let’s move on to some added safety.

We Often find in the dollar store these little stick on alarms. They come with little batteries that seem to last a long time and they have a magnet in them. One part of these alarms attaches to the sliding glass frame and the other part to the door. They have an off and on switch so you don’t have to hear their loud scream constantly. But for door you don’t use very often these will let you hear should someone try and open them. Well worth the two dollars for a package of three or six.