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DIY Secure Out-swinging Door

Securing an out swinging door


Securing a door that swings outward

Securing the front door to your home so thieves cannot take off the hinge and open it

We get paid to do this once a week as a Locksmith

When the front door or any exterior door swings outward from a building there is an inherent security risk. Locksmiths know this is the way thieves and burglars got into homes and businesses and offices years ago. There actually is an easy way to fix this that I guess has been forgotten over the years. Right now everyone is trying to explain lock bumping to you and lock picking hemlock drilling but this is the way people got in to your residence or office for years and years. Anyone determined to get into your home can always find a way, but this is one way it’s going to be easy for you to repair. Locksmiths say you should make it a top priority to secure the things in your home that you can making it harder for the thief to enter with just a little bit of effort you will be able to make your house just a little more secure and you could sleep a little more soundly at night. This little tip may offer you a little peace of mind.  For under the cost of one dollar am going to show you how to secure all the doors in your home. Just follow along and you’d be able to secure a large home or office in less than an hour.

This is a list of the things that you’ll have to gather from your garage, basement or a neighbor. You’re going to need the following items. If you’re securing a metal door on a metal frame you’re going to need screws. Locksmith will tell you if you’re securing a wooden door on a wood frame you can use screws or small nails. Depending on your previous choice you would either have to have a screwdriver or a hammer you’re also going to need some type of drill and a drill bit that would match the size of your screws. Last but not least you’re going to need some kind of cutting tool to cut off the head of your screws or nails. Sometimes with using nails you can drive them in far enough that you do not have to cut off the head. To cut off the head of the screws or nails you might have some type of clipper or a small hacksaw.

The old adage is there’s a few ways to skin a duck (it’s not duck but I don’t remember the real animal, if it’s a cat, that’s sick). I’ve seen people advice to put the screw or nail in the middle of the hinge. Some hinges already come with a piece sticking out that goes into the other side of the hinge in which case your already security and don’t have to worry about this. For those of you that just got a lucky break please check out my other security ideas at OUR LOCKSMITH.  I’m first going to describe the procedure for a wooden door, the metal door is the same just a little more difficult. For a wooden door you’re going to find two or three places on the door frame that’s the part of the door that’s attached to the building permanently what were going to do on this frame is were going to put in a nail so that approximately 1/4 to 1/2 inch still extends making it at this moment impossible to close the door. Space these two or three nails far enough apart that you’re securing the top and the bottom of the door and possibly one in the middle. If your door has three hinges it’s really easy just put one of the nails close to each hinge leaving about ¼ to 1/2 inch exposed. We are now going to mark the door so that we may drill a hole where these nails are going to fit into. If you just gently close the door slightly till the edge of the door hits these nails you will see where you’re going to be drilling your holes. Using a drill bit about the size of the nail just slightly longer you’re going to drill a small hole about a half an inch into the door. After you’ve done this you’ll be able to close the door completely and see that the nail heads or what was left of the heads now fit inside the door. The door is now secure. For those of you that were unlucky enough to have a metal door, the procedure is basically the same. With the metal door, you first have to drill into the outer frame that’s the piece attached to the building to make a small hole put the screws into. After that is completed you will then put in the screws leaving approximately a quarter to a half an inch protruding from the frame and then cut off the head of the screw. The cutting off the head of the screw is the difficult part depending on the tool that you have but still were not talking about brain surgery,  our locksmiths do it

You have now secured your door, but were going to add one little locksmith trick. We are now going to crimp the hinge pin so that it cannot be removed these pens are a little longer than the plate and we have to find something to crimp the end with making it difficult to remove. Actually the metal of this pin is not that hard. You can usually crimp the end with a wrench or a vice after insertion so it can’t be pulled out. This not only adds another physical apparent deterrent, but actually may discourage the thief or intruder after looking at your door. The thief is always going to move on to an easier house, would you?

Our locksmiths  hope this makes you sleep a little better at night