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Home Leversets

Home Leversets

Our Locksmiths explain leversets

Home Leversets, your security is of the utmost regard to us  and we pride ourselves in offering you the latest, and best quality locksmith grade hardware at reasonable prices.

Locksmith Leversets are the same as door knob as far as security goes.  Not as secure as deadbolts.  The offer the ease of pressing down on a lever rather than turning a knob.   They come in the standard finishes of

Home Leversets, Bright brass, antique and chrome.   Our locksmith can order other finishes are available at your request.   Our locksmith can usually have this in a day or two.

Home Leversets come in different forms and functions.

Home Leversets


Home Leversets can be a passage as used on a closet door without a lock

Home Leversets are also configured to be privacy locks.


Locksmith passage lever set

These are used on Bathroom doors by are Locksmiths

Also on the front door of a house they would be used as entrance locks   These require a key to open them on the outside when locked by a turn on the inside

Our shop install the store room leversets are used in many doctors offices and businesses.  They automatically lock when you close the store room door, but if you are in the closet they are always unlocked to exit.

curved lever set

The leverset can have a curved handle as well as a straight handle like found in office building.   Our locksmiths carry these Leverset  in all shapes. We carry many different style in stock and can order more.   You might also consider door knobs, but lever sets are easier to open as you get older because they are much easier to grasp.  Either one you choice we will install it for you the same day, and we do it the correct way.  Call us for an estimate