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Locksmith Delray Beach

Locksmith Delray Beach

Locksmith Delray Beach is available around the clock for commercial, home and automobile emergencies. We are available to help you with your home, business or automobile lockouts and emergency rekeying of lock cylinders and repairing break-ins or lock installations. We are gladly able to repair the mistakes of other locksmiths.

The notoriety of  locksmith Delray Beach which of course serves all of palm beach county as well as Delray Beach, Florida, has occurred because of our fine service and workmanship in the community. Are service is noted for its quality workmanship while still maintaining reasonable prices. We offer this service throughout the day, every day of the year 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Delray Beach Locksmiths and locksmith services can help you increase your home and business security.

mission statement:

Locksmith Delray Beach is known for our great service to the Delray Beach community and have been cited as being one of the most well-known locksmiths. Locksmith Delray Beach works continuously to make available high-quality products installed by qualified locksmith technicians a reality.

Locksmith Delray Beach continues to offer 100% satisfaction to its customers in all types of locksmithing whether business, residential or car, using the latest technology and equipment.


Locksmith Delray Beach maintains phones lines 24 hours a day and staffs them with a professional locksmith, a real person. We pledge to you, whenever you call us, that you will be able to speak to a locksmith not an answering machine. We work hard to make sure we have a professional locksmith technician available for all your questions over the phone and to give you estimates.

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Locksmith Delray Beach assures you a quick response to your automobile, commercial or residential service calls. We strive to maintain a 20 to 30 minute. response time for all emergencies. We will be sure to answer your call quickly and dispatcher locksmith immediately.

Locksmith Delray Beach try in every possible way to make sure the job is done right. But, things happen. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the job, just call us and will work with you to make it right. No questions asked. We understand that referrals are an asset we cannot afford to waste. We strive for referrals constantly. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our service and to recommend your friends.

hardware and services:

Locksmith Delray Beach maintains professional trained locksmiths knowledgeable in all services pertaining to home business and automobile emergencies.

Locksmith Delray Beach are the master of  master keying systems. Master keying systems are systems that are put into place so that there will be one key to operate a series of doors as well as each door having a separate key that would be given to the occupant. This is done in businesses and some apartment communities. This system requires that any additional locks that are installed are keyed not the same as other previously installed locks. That’s why it’s called the system. Locksmith Delray Beach is knowledgeable on the system and we issue upon request a map of any master key system we install. This master key system chart allows us or any other locksmith to come back at a later time and make changes without destroying the security of the system. Not all locksmiths know how to do this master keying but We do. If you choose us into your master key system please request a master key chart. Will be happy to give it to you but you must request at time of service.

Commercial hardware:Locksmith Delray Beach

Locksmith Delray Beach carries on our trucks all the equipment and supplies for commercial locksmithing. We are fully stocked with such items as push paddles, panic bars, door closers, mortise cylinders, deadlocks, door latches and plates. We have the experience installing this hardware and have the knowledge to do it correctly. Don’t waste your money on good hardware and have it installed incorrectly call locksmith Delray Beach to get it right the first time.

Automotive specialists:

Our mobile units are available round-the-clock to replace your lost car keys and open locked cars without damage. The services available to you 24 hours a day seven days a week. Our locksmiths have the equipment on board to create high-security keys for automobile as well as transponder keys. Our locksmith technicians have the training to remove and repair your ignitions cylinders without damage. It has become quite a specialty to work on automobiles. The technology has changed rapidly over the past few years. Make sure you have an expert work on your vehicle. When you’re locked out of your car call us to have someone there quickly that knows how to open a car door without damage. We can be at your door in minutes around the clock with the correct tools to open a car door. It’s your car it’s your choice. We are experts in the art of repair your ignitions, we also repair car door locks.

Locksmith Delray Beach is the ultimate cure for your locksmith problems. We still serve the community with high quality work and low prices. When you need a locksmith call US day or night, around the clock

We know that your house, condo, co-op, apartment or business is one of the most important things in your life.

There is an English expression that a man’s home is his castle. What this meant in England was that a man can do what he wants inside his own house. Our job as locksmith is to make your home more secure so you can do whatever you want. We go out of our way when it comes to securing your home and making it safe. We will spend as much time with you as you need to go over all the entrance ways and windows to make sure everything is secure. We want you to be able to sleep soundly at night. We want you to know that your family, children and possessions, even the family dog, is safe.

When a house is first constructed the builder usually installs locks that have a master key system. This master key system allows one key to work all the houses he’s building in the community. When each unit is sold the owner is given a new key. The idea of this new key is that when it is placed into the lock it releases some very small ball bearing type pieces. The goal of these spaces is to lockout that master key. The idea is that the builder’s key wills no longer work after you insert your key. Well all well and fine, this works fine and sometimes it doesn’t. But what this does is leave in a double set of pins making it easier for burglar to pick your lock. When you move into a new house, apartment, condo or business she should always change the locks immediately. The point I was making was sometimes when we disassemble customer’s locks they still have the master pins in them years later after the home was purchased. That means the owner never change the locks in the 10 years they’ve been there. During those 10 years the locks would have been five times easier to pick not to mention it’s possible that an old master key would still work. Please, please Locksmith Delray Beach should change your locks on the new house.

We are here to protect you and help with your security. Don’t be a victim of crime due to your lack of changing your locks. We can be at your home in less than an hour to help you be more secure.

We know that times are tough right now. But don’t make them tougher by being a victim of a crime. We can be there within the hour to Rekey your house, change your safe combination, secure your patio doors, make keys for your shutters or install new locks and repair old ones.

If you’re in need of locksmith emergency service, our locksmith are always right in the area. Whether its day or night we’re only a phone call away. Locksmith Delray Beach is constantly in and out of:

Addison reserve,

Kings point Delray Beach,

Misner country club

Saturnia aisles

Stone Creek Ranch,

polo trace,

Valencia Falls Delray Beach fl,

Bristol point Delray Beach fl

Misner’s preserve Delray Beach fl,

Mallory Square


Lake Ida,
The estuary,

Delray isles,

downtown Delray beach

Palm trails

Delray Beach yacht club,


pelican Harbor,

Seagate residences,

tropic isle,

Seagate towers

Rio Poco

Delray racquet club

Pineapple Grove

Fox Chase

Del Aire

Delray Lakes Estates

Venetian palms

or course we serve All of Delray Beach with locksmith services