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Locksmith West Palm Beach

Locksmith West Palm Beach

Locksmith West Palm Beach has been serving the community since 1997. We pride ourselves on being a small family-owned business in West Palm Beach but covering all of Palm Beach County. Our coverage area extends from Jupiter down to Deerfield Beach and of course all of West Palm Beach. I’m sure you’ve seen one of our many trucks driving on the highways throughout West Palm Beach. We serve the area seven days a week 24 hours a day every day of the year. We’re not just 9-to-5 we are 24 hours a day. We usually have a truck in the area within a few minutes from your home. This is very helpful for emergency lockouts and lost car keys.

Locksmith west palm beach knows that times are tight and a dollars hard to come by these days, but we’ve always had reasonable prices offering the lowest rates in the county. Our locksmith West Palm Beach has been serving your community since our inception. We are known for our low rates and quality service. Our locksmith professional technicians are constantly on the road servicing all the local businesses with their daytime and nighttime service. The world doesn’t stop when you go to bed at night and were constantly on the road.

We are your 24-hour a day emergency locksmith for all of your residential, business and automotive locksmithing needs. Our locksmiths are here to help you with emergency lockouts of all types. We are also available around the clock for rekeying of locks and lock installations as well as repairing break-ins damage. Emergencies can happen any time and locksmith West Palm Beach realizes that and we are as close as your telephone. Were always available to redo the work other locksmiths have left behind.

We have a fine reputation for quality work at reasonable prices in the West Palm Beach area. We offer you our services around-the-clock 24 hours a day.


Locksmith West Palm Beach is known as the locksmith to turn to for lock problems in the West Palm Beach community. We are noted for high quality workmanship and attention to detail. We’ve been in business for 17 years serving the West Palm Beach community. We’ve gained many referrals throughout the years and wish to continue to receive them. We make every effort to offer you the highest quality workmanship on the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices to the residents of West Palm Beach.

Locksmith West Palm Beach maintains its high standard of offering quality locksmith service at affordable prices to all of our West Palm Beach customers. Our service professionals makes every effort to gain 100% customer satisfaction in all of its locksmithing endeavors, auto, commercial and home, using state-of-the-art hardware and technology. We maintain our commitment to guarantee our locksmiths always maintain the highest standards and professionalism.

Locksmith West Palm Beach man the phones with real locksmiths. Yes, we answer our phones every hour of the day and night with the locksmith on the other end of the phone. We guarantee to you our loyal customers that when you call you will speak with the locksmith, not some type of recording device. Not an answering service. We make the extra effort to ensure to you the locksmith will be available when you call us in your time of need. He will be able to answer all of your questions, offered advice and give phone quotes for the work you’re considering.

Our Company strives to maintain the quickest response time for your locksmith emergency. Be it home, auto or business. We try to offer a 20 to 30 minute. arrival estimate for all types of emergencies. Our Team makes every effort to answer your phone call quickly and dispatch the locksmith within minutes of your call.

Locksmith West Palm Beach makes every effort to ensure your job is done correctly the first time. If you’re not satisfied were not satisfied. If any problems arise call us and we’ll be sure to make things right for you. We knowledge the importance of referrals in our business. You being happy means you may possibly refer customer to us. We strive to maintain your trust. We are trying to reach the goal of 100% customer satisfaction with our locksmith services.

Business services:  locksmith west palm beach

Locksmith West Palm Beach are experts in the art of master keying. Master keying is the process of keying one lock to operate with multiple keys. This is used many times in office buildings and apartment complexes. Imagine you have an office building and should there be a fire you want to be able to gain access to any office. You don’t want to have a chain full of keys which are copies of the office door keys. We enable one key to operate every door in the building, yet each occupant of the office has a key that will only operate his door. This is master keying. The correct way of doing this master keying is having a chart drawn which shows all the keying possibilities and which ones you’re using marked with each door. We create this chart for you and we give you a copy. Therefore when you require additional keying if we come back or someone else you have a copy of what combinations are used and which are available and what are the cuts of the master key. It’s important that this is done correctly or it may have to be done again at a later date. This would cause great expense to you and a hassle for the occupants. This should be done by an expert. We are experts in the field of master keying. Don’t trust your building to an inexperienced locksmith.

Our trucks are equipped with all the supplies and hardware for commercial locksmiths. Our trucks carry the specialized items that businesses use every day. Such items as panic bars, door closers, push paddles, mortise cylinders, dead latches, plates are maintained on our truck. Locksmith West Palm Beach professional locksmith technicians have also been trained in the installation of this hardware. Our suppliers offer us courses on the installation of their hardware. So we understand the nuances of each specific case.

Auto services:

Locksmith West Palm Beach auto division is fully equipped to unlock your car door without damage. Our locksmith vehicles carry the tools needed to open today’s cars without damage to the interior locking mechanisms or activating airbags. We have been trained to originate keys for automobiles. We do all types high-security and standard. Transponder keys and vats and Sidewinder. We maintain on our vehicles the latest technology that enables us to program keys to match the computers in your car. Our mobile service vehicles are equipped with replacement ignitions cylinders and door locks should they be needed. We constantly are called upon to repair car door locks and broken ignitions. Some of our men specialize in this, and this is who we send to you. The technology on this changes from day-to-day and we have to keep abreast. Many times the automobile car dealers cannot create the keys to their cars. Ford products, anything older than 10 years they must call locksmith to make key. We do quite a few of these for the dealers when you’re locked out of your car, don’t just call anyone.

We can have someone to your car within minutes that knows how to open it without damage. Don’t trust your car to a tow truck driver, the technology they use is 20 years behind.

When you think locksmith, when you need a locksmith call locksmith West Palm Beach for all your locksmith problems with quality service at affordable prices.

The residents of West Palm Beach have been recommending us to their friends, family and acquaintances since 1997. We provide quick, low-cost service for your lost car keys, house keys and lot problems. Our trucks are fully stocked and usually it’s not necessary for us to return to the shop to pick up supplies, locksmith west palm beach should have everything on the truck for all of your locksmiths needs in West Palm Beach.

Residential services:

Our trucks carry deadbolts, doorknobs, peepholes, handle sets, passage knobs, entrance knobs and levers sets. We stock patio door locks, mailbox locks and screen door locks right on the truck.

Automotive needs:

Our trucks carry new ignition cylinders for your van or car, new cylinders to replace door locks and those parts to repair the door that no longer works for you. We also have on the truck the facilities to cut a new car key when you have lost yours. Yes, we do cut transponder keys and we program them also. Many of the car dealers in West Palm Beach use our service for the cars they have lost the keys to. We are capable of doing high-security keys such as Lexis and the new Honda keys. We are capable of doing the Vats keys that General Motors put on a lot of their cars up until five years ago. These new devices make it harder for thieves to steal your car, but they also make it more difficult for you to get a key replaced when you have lost one. Locksmith West Palm Beaches been called to the dealers to make keys for cars that customers have towed to them.

Go directly to the source call us for your automotive needs.

Business & commercial:

Locksmith West Palm Beach we carry a full line of commercial products. We have the Adams right door lock cylinder and mortise body. We also carry the paddle and the lever for those front steel and glass doors. For the back doors we have the panic bars, we have bolt locks and of course Jimmy proof locks. When your front door slams shut and a door closer no longer works properly you can tell if you eat need a new one by the oil that has stripped out of it. Call us when this happens, we have the replacement parts on the truck. This can be fixed quickly and inexpensively and stop your door from being damaged. Call locksmith West Palm Beach service for all your locksmith needs.