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Different Types of Mail Box Locks and installation procedure

install mail box lock

Install mail box lock: The many types and sizes of mail box locks… Yes you can buy them at Home Depot, but chances are the won’t fit correctly and you’ll have to return them.  Plus the kind they sell there can never have extra keys make.  We carry the different styles and types if you wish to install mail box lock yourself.   We also open your mail box when keys aren’t available and insert new locks for you..   No extra service call to install mail box lock

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They have many possibles combination of tail pieces and have to be custom fitted to install mail box lockLocksmith Boca Raton mail box lock1

install mail box lock


As promised I am now going to describe the installation procedure for your everyday mail locks lock. Our locksmiths do this on a daily basis. The installation of the mailbox lock is done in three steps. The first step, open the mailbox lock, second step, install lock, third step test and adjust the lock.

Now for the first step you must open the mailbox to install the lock. There are two ways we use to open the mailbox..

In the first way to install mail box lock would be to simply pry open the door without damage. This is done by putting a small screwdriver in the door near the position of the lock and wedging it open slowly and either pushing the screwdriver in more to open it or using a little screwdriver to hold it open inserting a bigger screwdriver and then turning. You would then gently force the door open and remove the old mailbox lock. While doing this be careful because it is possible to damage that door.

The second way to install mail box is to open the door and remove the mailbox lock is by drilling the mailbox lock. This is a safer way but a little more complex. The mailbox lock is drilled at a point between the plug and the lock itself. This point is the shear line itself. Drilling the mailbox lock involves drilling directly above the key in the top of the circle. You drill this to only the depth of the key itself. If you have the new lock in hand you could measure the key against the drill bit to see how far the blade goes in. You must only drill the mailbox lock as far as that key to install mail box lock . If this is done correctly after drilling to that point and removing the drillbit you would be able to turn the key hole with the screwdriver bit to the open position. If you have gone too far you may have damage the tailpiece to prevent you from opening the lock. Our locksmiths has the experience set do this right the first time.

Our locksmiths typically only charge $65-$69 install mail box for the new lock and installation.

But our locksmith professional technicians have now explained to you this step if you want install mail box  yourself.