Fulfulde is the language of the Fulbe people (also known as Peul or Fulani), who are found throughout West Africa. The study entitled “The ComparativeAnalysis of Non-adverbial Items In Hausa and Fulfulde” examines the behaviour of Hausa and Fulfulde languages. Although Hausa customs exerted an influence on the Town Fulani, they did not lose touch with the Cattle or Bush Fulani. 20 Hausa jobs available on Indeed.com. As such, the work analytically compares the nature and position of non-adverbial items withing the sentences of the languages (pre-head, head and post-head). The Wolof are our closest cousins so our language is similar … This is true! WikiMatrix Other languages include Senufo in the Sikasso region (south), Fula (Fula: Fulfulde ; French: Peul) as a widespread trade language in the Mopti region and beyond, the Songhay languages along the Niger, Tamasheq in the eastern part of Mali's Sahara and Arabic in its western part. However, my focus in this article will be on the most popular Hausa/Fulani male names and the meaning attached to these names. English to Hausa translation service by ImTranslator will assist you in getting an instant translation of words, phrases and texts from English to Hausa and other languages. Be it words, phrases, texts or even your website pages - Translate.com will offer the best. Fulfulde, like Hausa, distinguishes between long and short vowels; we mark these by doubling the vowel. Hausa language like English is one of the languages that borrow from almost all languages it got contact with. Example: See List of College of Education That Offer Fulfulde / Hausa. Words are alphabetised according to this orthography; thus ‘aaz’ would be listed at the beginning of the A section and ‘az’ at the end. The language has been in contact with Arabic, Fulfulde, Kanuri, and English, etc, this accounted for large number of borrowings across Hausa and these languages into Hausa. More Information on Foreign Service Institute Fula Courses FSI- Fula Basic Course The Fula Language and People Fula (variously also called, in European languages, Fulanl, Peul, Poular, Toucouleur, Fulfuide) is the language of the Fulbe (singular Pullo), cattle raising and farming peoples of Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroun and adjacent areas in other states. Speakers are shifting to Hausa and Fulfulde. Soon they adopted the Hausa language, many forgetting their own Fulfulde language. In Fulfulde, some consonants, especially ‘g’, ‘b’ and ‘d’ … Every Fulani calls themselves a Pullo not a Fulani, because Fulani is a Hausa word Peul is the French term for Fulani which came from the Wolof name Pel. The Adamawa dialect is widely spoken in the Adamawa Province, North Province and Extreme North Province of Cameroon, Also in Adamawa state of Nigeria. Fulfulde (Adamawa) is a major language in Northern Cameroon and Nigeria. Tone Realization in Hausa Spoken By Fulfulde Native Speakers By Ahmadu Shehu ahmadsheehu@yahoo.com Department of Nigerian Languages, Bayero University, Kano 08038579762 And Isma’il Umar Njidda Department of Hausa Language Education, Adamawa State Polytechnic, Yola 07032125219 Abstract One of the effects of language contact is multi-lingualism (the ability of an … Translate from English to Hausa. List of College of Education That Offer Fulfulde / Hausa? Pullo is the Fulani (Fulfulde) word for Fulani. Today, it is unfortunate that parents will give their children names without knowing the meaning of the names they gave to their children. 2. Apply to Foreign Language Teacher, Interpreter, Senior Translator and more! English to Hausa Translation provides the most convenient access to online translation service powered by various machine translation engines.