Interactive Rock Identification chart answer key. Plagioclase Feldspar and Potassium Feldspar. Minerals & Rocks Review Qs Base your answers to questions 6 through 8 on the table below which provides information about the crystal sizes and the mineral compositions of four igneous rocks, A, B, C, and D. 6. 1. !!!!!RocksWorksheetAnswers!! Rocks!are!made!of!different!minerals.! Questions!! E7 D7 A We're gonna rock, gonna rock, around the clock tonight. Covers the following skills: how to differentiate among igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks by referring to their properties and methods of formation (the rock cycle). Fill in the questions below test your knowledge of rock cycle. (Does it have a lot of flat, shiny faces – may be tiny or small - that reflect light … Rocks are categorized into types based on the way in which they form. a) Crystalline b) Clastic c) Glassy d) Other (made from dissolved minerals or organic material) 2. Most Igneous Rocks have a texture. The Rock Cycle : There are three main types of rocks: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks and these rocks all form in different ways. igneous rock that contains Amphibole, Biotite. OK, if it has coarse grain it must be one of these shaded rocks. Igneous rocks are defined as types of rocks that are formed when molten rock (rock liquefied by intense heat and pressure) cools to a solid-state. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Check out for an online practical study guide for students and teachers. This worksheet has 14 Earth Science Regents questions about igneous rocks. There are both multiple choice and fill-in questions. Lava is molten rock flowing out of fissures or vents at volcanic centers (when cooled they form rocks such as basalt, rhyolite, or obsidian). THE ROCK KEY Use this key to ask and answer questions on your unknown rock specimens. Is the rock made of crystal grains? Rock B most likely is (1) conglomerate (2) schist (3) obsidian (4) peridotite Rock that forms when minerals form from solutions or sediment from older rocks get pressed and cemented together. Igneous Rock Identification Name: Date: Partner (s): As you now know, rocks are composed of minerals or a combination of minerals. The key can help guide you to the correct rock identification. 3 main types of rocks: a. 4th Grade Science Worksheets and Answer keys, Study Guides. 1. Questions relate to using the Earth Science Reference Tables page 6 (Scheme for Igneous Rocks), environment of formation (extrusive vs. intrusive), vesicular gas pockets, 1.!!What!is!the!difference!between!rocks!and!minerals?!! Igneous rocks form as molten, mineral-rich material cools (or, you might say, “freezes”) as it rises toward earth’s surface. Florida Standards 1 Lab 7 – Rocks and the Rock Cycle Answer Key Name: Answer Key The Major Rock Classes Igneous Rocks 1. Amphibole, Plagioclase and Biotite are no help because they are found in more than one zone but Potassium Feldspar is the important clue. Rocks and minerals. Start studying 5.2 igneous Rocks - Science.