0000045167 00000 n 75 0 obj 0000035851 00000 n Love waves shake the surface side-to-side. Love waves can be very damaging. Asked 15 minutes 1 seconds ago|1/12/2021 7:04:38 PM. Surface waves (Rayleigh and Love waves) travel only along a free surface or along the boundary between two dissimilar solid media. Augustus Edward Hough Love predicted the existence of Love waves mathematically in 1911. endstream 0000045987 00000 n ��&�%5Q�4Wݰiz*��ʝ�`ͮ��qoB 0000036834 00000 n C. Axial precession B. 0000032382 00000 n Surface waves (Rayleigh and Love waves) travel only along a free surface or along the boundary between two dissimilar solid media. pp. Rayleigh waves are distinct from other types of acoustic waves such as Love waves or Lamb waves, both being types of guided wave in a layer, or longitudinal and shear waves, that travel in the bulk. I. Rayleigh and Love waves from buried sources in a multilayered elastic half-space. Active listening is listening to the words only. All wave types are designed to propagate in the X direction (illustrated in Figure 1) and parallel to the Earth’s surface. endobj This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful. Get an answer. endobj 0000052588 00000 n 0000027296 00000 n 1. 73 0 obj The world was shocked by the news of massive earthquakes and devastating tsunamis in Japan. endobj 0000028184 00000 n 0000014473 00000 n endobj Rayleigh and Love waves are the two common surface waves. 0000002660 00000 n Their relatives, the Rayleigh waves, lag behind slightly, but still speed at about 7800 miles an hour. x�c```e``?����`� � `6H����E�Q� � 7��~�� ... Weegy: Jolene went to the city to find a new job. J. Int. Earn a little too. C. Rip tide 3 = 102 would be used to verify the equation 102 ? … 0 Answers/Comments. A. Tides are driven by the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon. 0000001898 00000 n endobj 0000044465 00000 n 0000037534 00000 n Rayleigh and Love Waves: Rayleigh and Love waves are two types of surface waves that occur during earthquakes. << /Linearized 1 /L 1526323 /H [ 1999 423 ] /O 73 /E 71727 /N 6 /T 1524804 >> A. Thermohaline circulation A. Love waves require a velocity structure that varies with depth, and cannot exist in a uniform half-space. 0000068890 00000 n 0000031170 00000 n endobj New answers. Rayleigh and Love waves but contributions from Love waves are larger. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful. B. P waves 0000036638 00000 n 0000045455 00000 n A Rayleigh wave is a seismic surface wave producing the sudden shake in an elliptical motion, with no crosswise or perpendicular motion. 70 75 How do tides differ from waves and gravity? between Rayleigh waves and Love waves in the microseisms. 0000007978 00000 n They follow along after the P and S waves have passed through the body of the planet. The theory includes the effect of layering and source depth for the following: (1) Rayleigh waves from an explosive source, (2) Rayleigh waves from a vertical point force, (3) Rayleigh and Love waves from a vertical strike slip fault model. 0000003039 00000 n s. Expert answered|emdjay23|Points 208912| Log in for more information. ISSN 0037-1106. endobj D. Rayleigh waves and Love waves. B. Tides are reliant on a centrifugal force. 0000003393 00000 n 0000059761 00000 n Love and Rayleigh waves are guided by the free surface of the Earth. stream Assuming that Rayleigh to Love wave amplitude ratio in horizontal motions is 0.7, the H/V spectra of Rayleigh and surface waves are computed at four sites, where the PS log data are available. 0000042338 00000 n xref Lb�욜Dg�5?��p����E��)��6;�DVŚ���_��[p�IOM��O�4�VF]=}C�Y�Z�Զ��g~��?��%㱱��V)���W��,ۜs���|�}�l"ѝ��؏�@���"�|�24��4���z�n �;�^�����sǁ���-\��1�0=82�y���jԝ�2��L�v*�厂�y##���P ��I��i:�� �'�7�dbfa:�sH*^A�A��>e�/10HmHl�f}p*��/J݃ :i��