Download Now. Quizzes are quick to produce; they help people feel good about themselves; and they are very shareable. Types of interactive content to get you started 7 visit 2. It is incredibly effective and uses several principles of psychology that influence human behavior like curiosity, FOMO, and the Near Miss Theory. From stand-alone microsites, engaging quizzes or calculators embedded on a web page to polls and custom made content, there are many different interactive content types. Today, we circle back to this topic and provide you with three types of interactive content to incorporate into your B2B marketing strategy. This middle and bottom-of-the funnel content showcases your offering with free tools that provide value to your audience. 43 Interactive Content Types . Types of Interactive Content. Some of them are discussed below. They are a great way of attracting your audience and boosting engagement. Want to find out what your audience really wants, or what their opinions are? Interactive Videos. The top 5 types of interactive content are: Assessments; Calculators; Contests; Quizzes; Interactive infographics; Interactive content is one of the best ways to differentiate from competition and engage with your audience. Interactive videos are another great way to integrate interactive content, utilizing the medium that's showing the most reach and engagement of any content type. Of all the interactive content types, quizzes are the most ubiquitous. And most consumers want a dialogue with brands rather than a one-way barrage of long, impersonal content. What type of interactive content are you going to create? Here are five types of interactive content … Fill in the missing words . Asking users to answer simple questions related to a piece of content they just read can help make your core message stick in their minds. Interactive content achieves all three objectives with ease. The most common types are self-assessment tools, calculators and automated diagnostics. Here are 4 examples: 1. WPBeginner. 1. Quizzes are a popular way of getting users engaged with your content. Accordion. Share: Discover: content, content marketing, engagement, insight, marketing. Free Download The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing for Business . Forbes described the company’s offering “The social content sensation of the year.” Much like the ubiquitous BuzzFeed, the company’s magnetic force is fun, interactive activities, which clearly appeals to the connected generation. Quizzes. This piece focuses on interactive content beyond online test-taking. 1. Personality tests are questionnaires designed to reveal aspects of an individual's character or psychological makeup. Calculators. Interactive websites . Today, there are different types of interactive content used by many websites. 1. Every business will have to address its content strategy in a unique manner, but here are some specific types of interactive content you may consider using this year: 1) Cost Calculators. 1. Whether you're driving social engagement, building brand awareness, driving traffic to your site, showing off a new product, or even improving your SEO through earned links and press mentions, interactive content can help you achieve your marketing goal. 31. Interactive infographics and whitepapers and about giving out valuable data. Using interactive content pieces can help you earn valuable links. Interactive content is most commonly used on landing pages, social media platforms, microsites, and blogs (2) 18.