Forestry. If you're a Masters of PhD student who is looking for multiple, paid work experiences during your degree, you may want to consider applying to the Arts Graduate Co-op Program. (especially did anyone get one with a UBC department?) Business & Management. These students offer strengths in critical thinking, research, writing, project management, technical skills, and creative problem solving. Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences. Those in Co-op (Arts) Close. Online. u/hihime89990. The University of British Columbia. ACSA is an integral part of the UBC Arts co-op student experience. Science. Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z1. The Arts Co-op Program is a high-impact educational program that allows students to alternate academic terms with paid, relevant work experience. For more information please contact the Arts Co-operative Education Program. 30.9k. UBC Arts Co-op Student Awarded Top University Co-op Student in BC/Yukon Mar 31, 2020 For her exceptional contributions to the BC Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology, Bashara Hussain was honoured as the 2019 University Co-op Student of the Year by the Association for Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning in BC/Yukon. Those in Co-op (Arts) Did anyone already secure a co-op position for the summer? According to UBC Arts Co-op alumnus Aaron Sanderson, it’s important to keep an open mind and try out different work environments. Learn More about Co-op. Archived. Kinesiology & Human Kinetics *As UBC Co-op operates on a decentralized model and in two campuses (Vancouver & Okanagan), you will receive separate application bundles from the … The Program allows students to explore different career options, while gaining 12-16 months of paid, professional work experience and a network of contacts. Members. While Aaron initially thought he would want to work in the private sector after graduating, by the end of his time in the co-op program, he discovered that the non-profit sector was the right fit for him. By applying their academic knowledge […] The online community of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada! Arts Amplifier . 164. Arts Co-op Program. Government jobs Arts Co-op I was rejected from arts coop last year when I had third year standing so I can’t join, but I really want a govt job and I heard that most of … UBC Arts Co-op student Bashara Hussain has been recognized as the 2019 University Co-op Student of the Year by the Association for Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning in BC/Yukon (ACE-WIL), which represents over 300 co-op programs in 25 post-secondary institutions. Students transferring to UBC from accredited co-operative education programs at other institutions may request admission to the Arts Co-op Program, and may transfer co-op credit for one previously completed work term. Graduate Co-op … During the course of your degree, you’ll alternate between study terms and three paid, full-time work terms. Read more Our Team We provide valuable opportunities to connect with mentors, learn through workshops, make new connections, and more. 6. 1 year ago. The Arts Co-op Program partners with a range of employers to provide transformative workplace learning experiences for your personal, academic, and professional growth. Buchanan C121 - 1866 Main Mall. UBC Co-op students from the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences are educated as society’s future leaders, who possess highly sought-after transferable skills necessary in today’s global economy. Back to top . Posted by. The way I've heard it, science co-op has an internal structure that provides a decent chance for applicants to get placed into positions within their field, but since arts is a bit of a free-for-all, there's no guarantee that your time/money will be invested wisely. Graduate with more than a degree.