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Rekeying & Master keying


cylinder lock plug with follower inserted


Rekeying a lock rather than replacing the lock

If you are considering moving into a new residence, apartment, store or having one of your workers leave, you may be thinking about have a new cylinder installed. Regardless of if the old keys are returned to you. The old keys might have been copied. Replacing the lock may be an unnecessary expensive. This time instead of getting an entirely new lock, have one “OUR LOCKSMITHS” rekey your lock.


What we do is first remove the lock or cylinder and take it out to “OUR LOCKSMITH” truck.


We remove the tail piece or rear clip holding the cylinder together.


We then use the key you provided to us to slide the plug (the actual piece the key goes into) out of the casing.


As we slide it out we replace it at the same moment with a plug follower. This keeps the top pins from falling out during the procedure.


We then dump the bottom pins out that matched your old key and replace these with new pins sized to match a new key we created or that you gave us from another lock.


We then reinstall this cylinder on your door.


We can do this for a single lock or for the entire office or house to make all the locks the same key or different keys.


Rekeying is the technique of varying the tumblers of a lock cylinder with tumblers of varying sizes. When you rekey your previous key is tossed away because it won’t work anymore


Besides rekeying for safety many home owners rekey for luxury. A technique to reduce complication and the weight of many keys on your chain is to make all your outdoor locks keyed to use the one key. Limitless amount of locks in your home may all be made to workl with the same key. For those of you that are owner of rental income like apartment units or for condominium associations, it is many times mandatory to have a master key that can operate many deadbolt or knobs. The listed locks then each have a key that will open only that residence deadbolt. Most locks can me master keyed to any number of change keys and masters.


If you are a landlord and the previous tenant returns with his old key and enters the former apartment you may be legally responsible for any damage or danger created because of your negligence.


Check local laws.